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Sponsors and Advertising

CFM is a community not for profit radio station run entirely by volunteers. We are always looking for support from sponsors and advertisers to help pay the bills and in return we can offer many different packages to promote your company

In supporting CFM106.8 you are supporting the entire community as we broadcast to all of North Lanarkshire.

CFM is currently looking for a main sponsor to drive forward the station and to develop our online community TV Station. If you are a potential sponsor for this, please contact us directly at


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Cumbernauld FM, 2 Teviot Square,
Cumbernauld  Centre, Cumbernauld, Scotland,
G67 1NB
Reach you local community by supporting your local community radio station.
01236 737476
Cumbernauld FM Limited is a company registered in Scotland. No. SC57894 Limited by Guarantee and without share capital.
It is a community social business in the not-for-profit sector.